Use Our Drive Thru Car Wash to Protect Your Vehicle

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Use Our Drive Thru Car Wash to Protect Your Vehicle

The cold season is upon us. Our teeth are chattering and our cars have begun to look like a large salt shaker was emptied onto them. ‘Tis the season for a drive thru car wash! Stay warm in your car and choose either an Express, Super, or a Hot Wax & Shine option to renew and de-salt your car.

In these wintery, salt-ridden months, an at-home, manual car wash may not be as thorough or enjoyable, especially in the cold. Visible sand, salt, and dirt may not be appealing to look at, but it’s nothing compared to the damage and accumulation of debris that is taking place in the unseen parts of your vehicle.

A great way to start your spring cleaning early is with a clean car. Many people leave their car unwashed during the winter months which leads to a buildup of sand, salt, and other mixtures that can become lodged in the components of your vehicle.

Unfortunately, a common consequence of this is salt corrosion. In other words, a middle or post-winter season drive thru car wash is imperative to making sure the vulnerable parts of your car are not eaten away or made susceptible to rust.

If you’re a Southport, CT, resident, we know your car has endured a lot this past month. The roads have not been kind. Our local facility in Southport makes getting a drive thru car wash fast and easy to prevent any erosion or oxidation from damaging your car this season.

Keep in mind, if the temperature reaches a freezing point (0 degrees Celsius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit), it is not advisable to get a car wash. At this temperature, if the car is not dried fast enough the hinges, handles, and locks can be iced shut. But don’t let this stop you from cleaning your car!

If the day is particularly chilly, we recommend running your car for about 20 minutes to heat it up before getting a drive thru car wash. We also advise running your car for a bit of time after your car wash to ensure that the generated heat prevents leftover water from freezing.

If you’re looking for specific car wash services, we offer the same variety at all four of our locations in southern Connecticut. If your vehicle has escaped the abrasive winter months unscathed and you’re looking for a quick, smaller clean, we recommend our Express service. This car wash includes the drive thru, a cloth wash, a towel dry, and a free self-serve vacuum.

For our more meticulous car owners looking to give their vehicle the spa day of its life or those whose cars were not so lucky, we recommend our Hot Wax & Shine package. This service includes an undercarriage wash with Simoniz Desalt, a tire shine, and a variety of treatments to seal, polish, and shine up your car!

If you’re looking for the best drive thru car wash close to home in Southport or at one of our other locations, bring your car to Fred’s! We’ll serve your vehicle’s winter needs and leave you feeling confident that your car is getting the best treatment possible for these harsh months.

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