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Looking for a cheap car wash on the go? Fred’s Car Wash has you covered! With our variety of car wash services, you’ll be sure to find exactly what your car needs at our multiple locations. For your busy schedule, we’ll ensure that our services are quick and efficient while maintaining top-notch results. Whether your car’s exterior needs a wax, or you’re looking for an interior cleaning package, Fred’s Car Wash will get your car looking brand-new!

The Finest Cheap Car Wash Services in the Connecticut Area!

At Fred’s, we’re proud to offer three different tiers of standard car wash services, ensuring affordability at any level. Our popular Express car wash is only $13.00 and includes a soft cloth wash, hand-dry toweling, and a free self-serve vacuum available on-site! For a speedy wash, this service is perfect for customers who want a cheap car wash with quality! For only six more dollars, you can indulge yourself in our Super car wash at $19.00. This Super car wash includes a Simoniz paint sealant, foam polish, undercarriage wash with DeSalt, and high-pressure wheel cleaning in addition to the contents of our Express package. For only six dollars more, this package makes the whole difference! Your car will be shining like brand-new after this Super experience. Finally, at $23.00, our Hot Wax and Shine car wash includes all aforementioned services, as well as a personalized tire shine. Our team is dedicated to bringing your car to the next level with our unique car wash experience at extraordinarily low prices!

Our team at Fred’s Car Wash wants to ensure that you receive a comprehensive car wash, so we’re happy to offer our interior super clean option! With the interior super clean, you’ll not only receive a wash for your exterior, but also an all-around intensive cleaning of your car’s seats, floors, windows, and more. The interior super clean will fully clean your carpet and upholstery, vacuum your entire interior, and wipe your windows inside and out. Our staff will clean your dashboard, instrument panel, vents, and crannies, then use an air tool to remove any litter or debris. Finally, any garbage is cleaned from the car, your door jambs are wiped, and your tires will be professionally shined. This package provides the full interior-exterior car wash experience for a reasonable price of $59.99! For a cheap car wash inside and out, Fred’s is prepared to perform the best job around.

Your satisfaction is our priority at Fred’s Car Wash. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing the most convenient, efficient services for your time and money. With our multiple locations across Connecticut in Southport, Watertown, and Norwalk, we’ve ensured that you’ll find quality services wherever you travel! Want to see our excellence for yourself? Take a look at our website’s gallery at These shining cars showcase the results of our wide selection of offerings, guaranteeing that you’ll be able to see the difference with Fred’s! 

Located at 498 Westport Ave and 64 Connecticut Ave in Norwalk, 1008 Main Street in Watertown, and 3400 Post Road in Southport, our talented team at Fred’s Car Wash is ready to service your car with ease. Browse our full catalog of car wash services at


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