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When people compare a home wash to an express car wash, one thing that blows their mind is the environmental effects these two methods have. While washing your car at home may seem cheaper, you might be unaware of how much worse it can be for the environment. Leftover soapy water can runoff from your driveway and impact the soil and ecosystem around your home in ways you couldn’t imagine. 

The chemicals you use to clean your car might not seem bad, and that’s mainly because of the smell. Everyone, and we mean everyone loves the smell of a freshly cleaned car, but those fruit scented soaps can kill small life in your local ecosystem. When you clean your car there’s usually no drain or grate for the excess water to go into. This either leaves the water to drain down the street or into your yard. 

When you come into our car washes, you’ll notice that we have a perfectly designed drain system to remove and dispose of excess water that could be harmful for the environment. This removes any risk of chemicals like soap or wax entering any aspect of our wildlife. 

Another major environmental factor when it comes to an express car wash is how much water is actually used. Your typical at home car wash will use 65% more freshwater than a professional car wash which is a huge economical impact. Most people truly believe they’re saving water when they wash their cars at home, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Reclaim tanks are a great way that we can reuse water to clean your cars. With state of the art filters, we take runoff water used to clean your car and use it on the one right behind you. This doesn’t do anything negative in terms of keeping your car clean, but it does help the environment and lighten our water usage. 

Our car wash facilities use environmentally friendly water treatment equipment. Doing this, we also save you money and save us energy by using less water than standard car wash methods. Many carwash operators use LED lighting to cut their energy costs. LED lights use half the power of incandescent bulbs and one tenth of that of compact fluorescents.

If you or your family are cleaning your car multiple times a month, then the environmental impact you might be imposing could be massive. While dirty and chemical filled water might entire your local soil and impact wildlife in that regard, water will naturally runoff into other bigger bodies of water, such as lakes or rivers. Every little bit of pollution impacts our bodies of water, so by choosing Fred’s Car Wash, you’re actually helping our planet. 

The best car washes in the area will always use environmentally safe chemicals to clean your car as well. With such high standards, you can only imagine what we have in store for your vehicle! 

In short, our express car wash is a great alternative to at home car washes based on water usage, chemical disposal, and overall product selection. For more information on our services and when you should come in for a car wash, be sure to visit the rest of our website. We look forward to seeing your car roll through our doors! 

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