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Do you want to have a clean car going into the New Year? Having a clean car going into the New Year is going to make you feel like you have a fresh start. It is relieving when you get into a freshly cleaned car right as you are starting next year. Here at Fred’s Car Wash, we have you covered with many different services to help you achieve the goal of having a clean car. We offer a variety of detailing services so you can get exactly what you want cleaned. This is why we are the best car wash

We have detailing services that are going to include the interior of the car or exterior or even both. Our bumper to bumper cleaning is going to include a clay process, hand-applied paste wax, carpet and upholstery vacuum and shampooing, windows are cleaned, tires are cleaned and shined. Now if this sounds like too much and you don’t want to have everything on your vehicle cleaned then we also have only the interior super clean or the 2 step advance wax. We will work with you to make sure that we get you exactly what you want when you come to the best car wash in town. 

Not only do we have detailing services but we also have headlights restoration which is going to polish your headlights for a clean finish and add a new UV protective coating. This would be something that you would want to get done if your headlights are looking dim or you notice a fog on the inside. Getting headlight restoration is going to help get rid of the fog and make the lights look brighter. 

We also have ceramic paint coating which is a ceramic polymer coating that reacts with your vehicle’s clear coat finish to form a section layer and thicker coat for added protection. These ceramic coatings are so durable that they are used in the aerospace industry. Diamond Plate will protect against some of the toughest problems which include acid rain, bird droppings, insects, hard water spots and exposure to the sun which causes fading. The ceramic coating will cost a little more than another detail but will be worth it in protecting the paint of your vehicle for the long term. 

Keeping your car looking brand new is not a one time thing. You will need to keep up with washing your car during the winter or the paint could be severely damaged come spring. We have our monthly unlimited wash plan which will help this problem. There are three different plans available which include good/express, better/super, and best/hot wax and shine. The good limited plan is $24.99 plus tax, the better plan is $34.99 plus tax and the best plan is $39.99 plus tax. Right now we have a sale going on where for the price of today’s wash you can wash your car for the next 30 days for free with our unlimited plans. 

As the best car wash, we have many different services to help make your vehicle look brand new. Visit to book a detailing appointment today! 

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