Freds Car Wash Southport Interior Car Cleaning

When considering a car wash, many people envision the traditional drive-through wash experience. However, this only cleans the exterior of your vehicle, and, as a result, neglects the interior entirely! Interior car cleaning is an incredibly large part of our services here at Fred’s Car Wash. We understand that the interior of your car is a comfortable space for many, so we work to ensure excellent services inside and outside your car. With our Ultimate Interior, Bumper to Bumper, and Interior Super Clean packages, our staff at Fred’s will guarantee your complete satisfaction all around!

Our Wide Variety of Affordable Interior Car Cleaning Services at Fred’s Car Wash!

Our Ultimate Interior Clean at Fred’s Car Wash provides necessary cleaning, refurbishing, and shining of your car’s most worn areas. First, our team will perform a comprehensive carpet and upholstery vacuum and shampoo service, deep cleaning, and remove all dirt, debris, and impurities from your car’s floor. Then, we’ll clean and recondition the leather in your car, from seats to consoles. At Fred’s Car Wash, we’ll use the utmost caution when working with precious leather, performing this specialty cleaning with care. Additionally, we’ll clean all of your door panels and dress them appropriately. Our staff will clean the inside and outside of your windows, wipe your door jambs, and clean your dash and console. Finally, we’ll shine your tires and perform an Express Wash to finalize your car’s treatment. The Ultimate Interior Clean affordably costs $99.99 and satisfies your car’s every interior need! 

Looking to take a step up from our Ultimate Interior Clean? Give your car the finest services we can provide with our Bumper-to-Bumper complete detail service! This four-hour service pampers your car with every service necessary to make it shine better than new. The exterior of your car will be surface cleaned and prepped with clay process, and then our staff will hand-apply paste wax. Similarly to our Ultimate Interior Clean, your carpets and upholstery will be vacuumed and shampooed, your leather will be reconditioned, door panels will be cleaned and dressed, windows are cleaned, and door jambs are wiped. However, with this upgraded package, your wheel will be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner, and we’ll perform a professional black trim dressing! For all of these specialty services, Fred’s Car Wash offers a bargain price of $270.00 at any of our Norwalk, Watertown, or Southport locations.

For a cheaper interior car cleaning, Fred’s Car Wash offers our popular Interior Super Clean for only $59.99! This 30-minute service includes carpet and upholstery detailing and vacuuming, as well as window cleaning. Your dashboard, instrument panels, and vents will be cleaned with our air tools, and litter will be discarded from your car’s interior. Additionally, our staff will clean your door jambs, shine your tires, and perform our signature exterior wash. If you’re looking for a fantastic interior car service on a budget, Fred’s Interior Super Clean is the car treatment for you!

Stop by any of our Fred’s Car Wash locations in Connecticut to receive a top-quality interior car cleaning for great low prices! Browse our entire selection online at and book your next detailing appointment today!


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