Make Your Car Shine With An Affordable Car Wash

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Make Your Car Shine With An Affordable Car Wash

With winter upon us, the weather can get tricky: especially when leaves begin to drop; and rain starts to appear more frequently. Your car is your baby, and finding an exceptional yet affordable car wash that can make it shine once again can be difficult. Thankfully, at Fred’s Car Wash, we’re here to help! Our car washing services are located in 8 areas throughout CT: Norwalk, Southport, Watertown and Manchester, to name a few, and cost less than $1 a day!

Long Lasting History with Car Washes

Since 1980, we have been caring for and treating every car like our own. We provide professional detailing, advanced waxing, headlight restoration, and incredible deep-interior cleaning. Your auto will come out looking brand new and refreshed. Now driving around can be as fun as ever. Your baby is shining, and you’re smiling: what’s not to love about that?

At Fred’s Car Wash, we make it accessible for many people in CT to find an affordable car wash that respects and cares for the well-being of their car. No matter how old or new, we treat every auto with the utmost pride. They deserve it. They transport us all around, so we get to our kids’ soccer games, and our disastrous family events: and tackle all of our out-of-the-way errands. Cars have connected us in ways that most people don’t acknowledge; without cars, we most likely wouldn’t even know who and what is in the next town over (I mean, who is going to walk for hours to find out?).

Why Our Services Stand Out

So let us celebrate what cars have given us and make them sparkle as they should. Even if your car is decades old and amazingly still runs, it deserves to feel and look brand new. After all, cars deserve pampering! So, come take your car into any of our locations to see for yourself just how passionate we are about keeping your car clean and looking fantastic. You can trust that here at Fred’s Car Wash; your auto is in the right hands. In fact, we offer three different unlimited plans for the services that fit your needs! Our unlimited express plan is just $24.99 a month, which includes a soft cloth wash, hand towel drying, and a free-self service vacuum to get rid of your kid’s messes. We also offer an unlimited super pass and wax and shine pass.

Because of the growing number of Fred’s locations, finding an affordable car wash nearby your house should not be a problem! Accessible and has high-quality cleaning services? Now that’s more like it! Head on by and experience for yourself the luxurious service we give your car.

Affordable Prices for the Best Car Wash

In fact, this past month in November, we offered free car washes at our 4 new locations in Danbury, Willimantic & Manchester! Every car deserves to feel as great as they look: that is why we are excited to provide these free car washes for three whole days. You get the opportunity to see for yourself how quick, efficient, and top-quality Fred’s auto cleaning is for FREE.

Check out our website to see just how close we are to you! You can also view all our services so you can see just how passionate we are and learn more about our unlimited pass, and the option to join our email club to receive your first car wash on us! If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us here.

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