Freds Car Wash Southport Express Car Wash

Why waste the few free moments of your day to wash your own car or wait around in line at any other car wash when you can get a professional express car wash provided by Fred’s Car Wash in Southport, CT?

With daylight saving behind us, the cold winter months are headed this way. As the season’s change and the brutal winter season moves in, we can all expect harsh weather conditions to wreak havoc on our cars. Salt, snow, and ice, if left untouched, can cause irreversible damage to your car.

The winter weather means you will be making frequent trips to the car wash to ensure your vehicle is running and looking like a new one. Let us take this chore off of your hands and give your car the professional cleaning it deserves.

Like all chores, especially in miserable weather, cleaning a car is time-consuming, tedious, and monotonous. The last thing we need when battling the cold and snow is to spend hours cleaning our cars or investing a lot of money to have someone else do it for us.

Thankfully, there’s no better way to keep your car looking fresh than using our express car wash services. We will ensure you spend little time worrying about how your car looks and more time using it to get around this winter.

At Fred’s, we offer inexpensive, quick, and efficient express car wash services. Our express wash means your car will be in and out in a matter of minutes and will receive first-class cleaning. No need to worry about getting out of your car either since our service allows you to stay in the comfort of your vehicle and enjoy the show.

Our express car wash includes:

  • A meticulous soft-cloth wash
  • Hand towel-dry by our team of experts
  • Free self-serve vacuums

Once your car is looking shiny on the outside after we wash, scrub, and dry it, feel free to take a few minutes and utilize the free vacuum service to touch up the interior of your vehicle.

We all know how long the winter months can last, and with all the ski trips and winter adventures you’ll be taking, it is imperative that you regularly wash your car. There’s no better way to save money on all these trips to the car wash than with Fred’s Unlimited Express Pass.

For a monthly cost of only $19.99 plus tax, you have unlimited access to quality washes and free use of our self-serve vacuums. A quick wash and dry will have your car looking clean and back on the road so you can hit your next ski destination.

For those looking to spend some extra time with us, you can check out our other wash levels and services. Come see why our express car wash service is the best in the area.

Visit Fred’s Car wash in Southport, Watertown, or either of our two Norwalk, CT locations, and let us ensure your car looks spotless inside and out. Check out our website here for more information.


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