How Often Should I go to Fred’s for Car Detailing?

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How Often Should I go to Fred’s for Car Detailing?

Your car is an asset that you will want to perform certain routine maintenance on to keep it in great shape. A quick car wash is a great way to eliminate surface dirt, but anyone passionate about their car knows the importance of regular car detailing.

Our team at Fred’s Car Wash knows that keeping up with vehicle maintenance is already a chore with all the services that are mandatory. Adding another item to the to-do list seems like too much work. That’s why we make the process quick and easy and offer a variety of car detailing options to meet whatever needs or available time that you have.

If you’ve got four hours to spare and want to give your car the ultimate spa day, we offer a Bumper-to-Bumper complete detail. This service involves our most thorough inside and outside clean and uses a line of products that are sure to make your car look, smell, and feel as clean and polished as possible.

Every inch of your car will be spoiled including your tires, vents, and windows. And if your car has a leather interior, it’ll receive specialized leather cleaning and reconditioning!

Is four hours too much to ask? We understand! We also offer a 1-hour, interior-focused clean: the Ultimate Interior Clean service. This option is great for our auto-holics with tight schedules because it still gives you a deep inside clean and includes an Express Car Wash so the outside surface dirt can be removed.

Most people consider a drive-thru car wash to be enough when it comes to regular car care cleanings. While a quick car wash may be a great monthly option, especially in the snowy months when our vehicles pick up salt and sand from the road, car detailing will protect your exterior paint and interior finishes.

It will remove difficult stains and odors, and help retain the overall value of your car if it’s done regularly!

How Often Should I Detail My Car?

The frequency with which you get your car detailed can vary depending on how much you use it and how often you get a general car wash. Most auto experts recommend you have a car detailing 3 to 4 times a year. That can be less if you regularly wash your car or use it sparingly, more if you drive it frequently and don’t keep up with regular car washes. If you’re thinking about selling your vehicle, keep in mind that you may get a much better price if you have your car detailed first!

Interior Detailing – Feel Brand New

An interior car detailing includes vacuuming and cleaning of all interior surfaces – even the hard-to-reach ones! An air compressor is used to loosen dust and debris and cleaners are used to clean scuff marks. After the carpets are shampooed the interior is sprayed with protectants. An interior deep-clean will prevent the breakdown and fading of your components and will keep your car looking its best.

Exterior Detailing – Look Brand New

The shiny car you passed that looks like it drove straight off the lot just came from its exterior detailing appointment. An exterior detail will have your car looking clean and brand new – just like you bought it yesterday! It’ll include a wash, “claying” (a process where detailing clay is pressed over the paint to remove stubborn dirt), and wax polishing along with other component-focused treatments (tires, windows, and more).

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