As the summer season moves forward, it’s the perfect time to give your car some extra attention. And what better way than getting your car services at our drive through car wash in Watertown, CT.

At Fred’s Car Wash we offer a variety of services at our Watertown location, including interior cleaning, exterior waxing, and even three different kinds of car washes depending on what your vehicle needs.

Here are three times when it’s almost always necessary to wash your car that most people may not think about.

After it Rains

Despite the idea that rain magically washes all dirt and grime from a car, this assumption actually is not true. Rain by itself is not strong enough to erase pollen stains from windows and often will direct leaves, seeds, branches, and other dirt into small nooks and crannies by the windows or by the windshield wipers.

Since the rain can cause this kind of debris to get stuck in hard-to-reach places, taking your car to a drive through car wash after a shower is a perfect time to clean up your car.

After a Beach Trip

Going to the beach is a summer staple for most people. Unfortunately, bringing the beach home in the car is usually what ends up happening too! Sand can get everywhere; tracked inside the car from the bottom of your shoes, or blown onto the windows and the car exterior from the heavy beach winds.

We’re here to help you keep the beach at the beach and out of your car. Whether it’s with an interior cleaning or a wash at our drive through car wash, we will keep your car spotless.

Our Interior SuperClean is a service that can be completed in 30 minutes or less and consists of vacuuming, window wiping, and the use of an air tool to clean out all the panels, vents, and nooks, and crannies in your car.

We also believe that our exterior car washes are essential in restoring your car to its natural shine. That’s why we offer three types of car washes: Hot Wax and Shine, Super Wash, and Express Wash.

After a Really Hot Day

Most people are aware that in the summer, the ultraviolet rays are the strongest. People know that it’s not great for humans to be out in the sun unprotected for long periods of time, and this also goes for our cars.

Just as too much exposure to the sun can be harmful for human skin, it can damage paint, the “skin” on your car. The sun can cause your car’s paint to fade faster than normal and look older than it really is.

But many don’t know that washing your car decreases the oxidation and heat caused by the rays of the sun. This means that by washing your car or taking it to a drive through car wash, like Fred’s in Watertown, you can prevent the sun from leaving lasting damage on your car.

We offer a variety of washes, detailing options, and other services that will help your car shine. Check out our website for times and services or give us a call at (860) 274-7441.

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