Fred’s Car Wash: A Conveniently Located Car Wash

Fred's Car Wash
Fred’s Car Wash: A Conveniently Located Car Wash

Fred’s Car Wash was established in 1980 and has been growing since then. We currently have eight locations which are conveniently located so our customers can get their cars washed when they need to. We want to make sure that you leave feeling like your car is brand new. When you get a car wash, it needs to make you feel like you just walked out of the dealership with a brand new vehicle. We want to make all our customers excited to get their cars cleaned and make their vehicles look brand new. 

We have a car wash nearby a variety of towns in Connecticut. At our locations, we offer all of our detailing services, monthly wash pass, and single washes too. We have three different tiers when it comes to our monthly wash pass. These include express, super and hot wax and shine. Each tier has different benefits. As a customer, you would need to figure out which wash is going to meet your price point along with what you would like done to your vehicle. No matter which one you choose though, it will be worth it because you are able to get your car looking sparkling. 

Since it is the holiday time, we are offering a couple different sales which are going to help you or someone you know have a fresh clean car. These are perfect for gifts to give away during this holiday season. Having a car wash nearby will create the urgency to get your car cleaned when it is dirty. You not only need to have a car wash locally but you need to have Fred’s prepaid card. You can use the prepaid card as a convenience for you when you go and get your car washed. It will also save you money in the long run because you will be getting a free wash after you purchase three. We want to create a convenient way our customers can get a car wash. When you have a car wash nearby your home you think about if you need one every time you drive by.

Is my car dirty? Is it time for another car wash yet? 

We want our customers to make a habit of getting their car cleaned during the year. With creating this new habit, we want to make it easy which is one of the reasons we have our monthly plans. In the long run, the vehicle’s paint will last longer and the car will look newer longer too. When you make an investment into a vehicle you want it to look brand new as long as possible. 

Do you want to protect your investment for as long as you can? If so visit to sign up for the monthly plans or to get a prepaid card. Visiting our website will allow you to schedule a detailing appointment if that is something that you would like done. We look forward to seeing you at one of our eight locations soon! 

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