Finding Professional Services from the Best Car Wash In Connecticut

Fred's Car Wash
Finding Professional Services from the Best Car Wash In Connecticut

Here at Fred’s Car Wash, we pride ourselves in being helpful and thoughtful with every car we wash or detail. We value each customer that comes through our doors and they make us feel like the Best Car Wash in the entire state of Connecticut. 

Proximity is Important!

With our locations introduced throughout the state, we feel like we can proudly compete for the honor of being the best car wash in CT. We have been trying to grow our passion for cleaning cars since 1980. Now, with 43 years of expertise, it brings us the joy to open the New Year on a positive note. Our customers are the best and that is what makes Fred’s Car Wash the best. By now we all have stood the test of time and consistently provided top-quality car wash and detailing services to the surrounding area.

We notice the repeat customers and tip our cap to you for being loyal with us and helping us live out our passion. You motivate us to keep providing Professional Car Wash & Expert Detailing in 8 locations throughout the state. 

Improving your Day to Day

The services that are provided will make your day a little bit better. Having a clean car will make you happier about your car and make it feel new. There is a positive energy attached to Fred’s; a welcoming environment. Not as good as the feeling when eating pizza in White Plains but pretty satisfying nonetheless. 

We know that no one wants to buy a dirty car. So, cleaning your car regularly will boost your car’s resale value. It may help you psychologically feel better when having things in order and organized. And it may extend the vehicle’s life by preserving the exterior. 

Maintaining your Car’s Look

The most important thing to remember about getting a car wash is how you wash it. The best way to wash a car is by hand, with our team using precise attention to detail.There are many benefits to Hand washing, it will minimize the amount of scratching and can clean heavily soiled exteriors. It’s the best all the way around if you have the time and money. 

The Express Wax is a great purchase for those who would like their vehicle to be waxed by hand. To get a full view on all the services we offer, be sure to visit the rest of our website or submit a contact form with any other questions. 

The best for convenience is our automatic drive through wash, it is by far the quickest and easiest. Starting at $12 for the most basic performing wash. Any wash will assist in extending the life of your vehicle and help you feel like it’s brand new. 

To accomplish making it feel new, we offer a diverse selection of detailing services for those cars who need a little extra TLC. Or you may have particular wants and needs that we need to accommodate for. 

Please stop in to any of our locations or go on our website to find more information on what makes us say we are the best car wash in CT. We hope to see you soon!

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