Keep your Car Clean in New England with Auto Detailing

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Keep your Car Clean in New England with Auto Detailing

Keeping the outside of your car clean in New England is hard enough, but the inside? Forget about it. With all of the seasons, we experience in the north, there is no way to keep debris out of your car. This is where we come in, Freds’ car detailing services.

We are here to help you with all of your car detailing needs. We all know the feeling when we get in our car and it is dirty and just feels dull. But then we also all know the feeling we experience after a detailing when our car has that new car smell and feels brand new.

We know it is hard to always keep our cars clean in New England, but we have created a three-step plan so your car always feels brand new.

Follow our three-step solution to keep your car clean all year round.

Step 1: A Fresh Start

We recommend getting our Bumper-to-Bumper complete car detailing. This way you are starting whatever season you choose right with what feels like a brand new car. This steam cleaning will get every memory of the last year out of the car, giving you that new car freshness.

car detailing

After a year of changing seasons and the build-up of all kinds of debris in your car, it is in need of a substantial cleaning. For this, try our 4-hour long bumper-to-bumper detail. This is the perfect starting detail for anyone, it will cover every single part of your car and get your year started off fresh.

We know your car is like a second home to you, and we want that home to be spotless. Nobody likes when their house is messy, so why would they want their car that way.

Step 2: Touch-up

How about a mid-season touch-up. We know that it is not realistic to get more than one complete car detailing a year. So we have created smaller versions of the Bumper-to-Bumper to fit your car’s exact needs. All of the small packages are under $100 and are 30 minutes or less.

We know that by the mid-point of the year our car has taken a beating or two. These small packages are here to last you until your next cleaning and keep your car looking great. You could do just interior, exterior, or even get your headlights buffed. Whatever your needs, we have got your back!

Try our Ultimate Interior or 2-Step Advance Wax

Step 3: Spring Cleaning

Keep it clean during the spring. After the grueling winters of New England, we all need a spring cleaning, especially our cars. At this point, your car is looking ancient and disheveled. You don’t want to get the complete packages just yet and the smaller packages are not going to cut it.

car detailing

For spring cleaning, we recommend one of our two mid-level details. These two are both 1-hour long, one focusing on the inside and one on the outside. These packages will give you the spring cleaning you have always dreamed of and get you ready for the next season.

We hope this 3-step car detailing plan helps you keep your car clean all year! And don’t be shy to come down anytime for a car wash at any of our locations!

Check out these services: Express Wax, Headlight Restoration, and Super Clean

Why follow the three steps?

Look, we recognize that spending the money and time to get your car detailed as many as three times a year sounds substantial. But, we have all seen how vigorous and relentless the dynamic seasons of New England can be. The accumulation of dirt, sand, and salt all getting under your car in the winter, that’s justification to go.

Even if you didn’t want to do all three steps, you could plan some into your car routine. You could be tremendous at keeping your car immaculate on the inside, but you have no idea what the outside or underneath is suffering. There is constantly the need for work on your vehicle.

The wear and tear of the seasons can deteriorate the paint and wax on the outside of your car so get to Fred’s so we can keep your call looking great. The seasons can take a considerable toll on your car so consider our 3-step plan.

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