What is a doorjamb?

The doorjamb is the part of the car where the door attaches to the frame of the vehicle. It acts as a seal between the interior and exterior of the car, protecting it from dirt and dust. Car companies use a layer of grease to help the mechanism work efficiently and quietly. This layer of grease can also attract dirt.

Why should I have the doorjamb cleaned?

Most car owners do not think much about their doorjambs, much less about having them cleaned. It is important to keep your doorjambs clean for three reasons:

1. It is a key part of the operation of your car door; keeping it clean will help to have it function properly. Also, if left dirty for a long time it can be susceptible to rust.
2. Esthetically, it is important. You may have your car vacuumed but unless you clean your doorjamb, your car is not truly cleaned. An untidy doorjamb takes away from your car’s appearance.
3. If you doorjamb is dirty, you could also transfer that dirt to yourself, clothing or belongings.

How do I clean my car’s doorjambs?

1. The best way to have your doorjamb cleaned is by the professional technicians at Fred’s Car Wash. Fred’s wipes and cleans your car’s doorjambs with all our full service washes at our 64 Connecticut Ave location in Norwalk and with our interior vacuum services at our other locations: 3400 Post Rd. in Southport, 498 Westport Ave. in Norwalk, and 1008 Main Street in Watertown. Fred’s also cleans doorjambs on our all of interior detail services.

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