The Best Cheap Car Wash Available to You and Your Family

Fred's Car Wash
The Best Cheap Car Wash Available to You and Your Family

It goes without saying that we all understand the importance of saving our money. We also all know that there are few better things than waking up, getting ready to leave, and seeing your beautiful, freshly cleaned car sitting there waiting for you. At Fred’s Car Wash we take both of these into account and have created a cost-effective car wash experience that promises to provide you with a car cleaning that exceeds your expectations while avoiding hurting your wallet with an insane and unnecessarily high price tag. If you are in the Connecticut area and are in need of a quick, fast, and cheap car wash, look no farther than your nearest Fred’s Car Wash location! We will always be happy to help you and your car!

The Best Cheap Car Wash Available to You and Your Family
The Best Cheap Car Wash Available to You and Your Family

At Fred’s Car Wash, we believe in one thing and that is to deliver the best quality services to our customers and making sure they are happy and trusting of us and the services we offer. This is reflected by our talented team that is always happy to assist you and or make sure your car is looking its best no matter what cleaning option you decide to purchase. 

We make sure to offer a large list of car washing services including bumper to bumper, an ultimate interior super clean, two-step advance wax, headlight restoration, express wax, paint coating, and more! Whether you just visit us for a quick and simple regular car wash or have a more in-depth service in mind, we will make sure to assist you in the best way we know how, by providing an amazing but still cheap car wash that’ll make sure your car looks amazing and that you don’t spend all of your hard-earned money!

It’s important for your safety that your car is kept in good condition and cleaned regularly. If your car doesn’t receive proper cleaning it may function poorly and can result in an accident or injury. Examples of this include poorly maintained headlights will reduce visibility, dirty windows will make it hard to see, tires may have less grip or traction due to dirt buildup. Visiting a Fred’s Car Wash location and making sure all of these areas and more are properly cleaned and maintained are crucial to your safety while on the road. 

Since we know that proper car upkeep is important, we make sure to price our services proportionately to make sure everyone can receive the best possible car care available. All of our car wash prices can be found listed on our website at and we can always be contacted with any questions regarding prices. Contact information for each Fred’s Car Wash location can also be found on our website. Feel free to browse online and choose the service that best fits you. Regardless if it’s a single wash or a tire shine or any other service we provide, we promise to deliver an exceptional while still cheap car wash service.

Remember to stay safe on the road and we hope to hear from you soon! 

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