The Benefits of Car Waxing from a Drive Thru Car Wash

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The Benefits of Car Waxing from a Drive Thru Car Wash

The objective of car waxing services from a drive thru car wash is to restore your vehicle’s appearance to its original, blemish-free condition. The process includes removing visible and invisible contaminants from the interior and exterior surfaces. It also involves polishing the exterior to a spotless finish. In order to achieve this, Fred’s Car Wash offers a number of packages that offer this service. With our highly trained staff, this process can be completed efficiently and perfectly. 

The waxing process is recommended to be performed every six months or so, depending on how often you drive your vehicle. Regular waxing will help prevent scratches on your paint, which indicate that dirt particles have stuck to the surface. In addition, regular waxing will help protect your car’s paint job from the damaging effects of UV rays and sunlight exposure.


Waxing protects the paint from oxidation, which can change paint color or even damage your car. Oxidation is a chemical reaction that occurs when oxygen comes into contact with a material, such as metal. Oxidation causes paint to fade and rust, and regular car waxing prevents it. By applying a quality car wax on a regular basis, you will help extend the life of your car. 

This whole process from our drive thru car wash is simply designed to help protect your paint from exposure. Whether that’s from the elements, wear and tear, or even a scratch in your paint job, our staff is ready to help prevent any surface level problems with your car. 

Resale Value

While you might not be considering selling your car at the moment, it’s always nice to have options. Protecting your car from these small scratches and paint chips can maintain a higher resale value. No used car buyer wants to see dings and dents on their possible new purchase, and this simple process can be a great way to keep your car looking fresh. 

Add-On Services

Our drive thru car wash doesn’t only offer waxing and exterior car cleaning. Car detailing, or interior cleaning, is a great way to maintain the inside of your vehicle as well. With high intense scrubbing or washing for the inside of your seats and floors, interior cleaning can elevate the smell and feel of your car. 

Consider your car’s steering wheel, and how dirty that can be. While it might not look like it’s accumulated dirt and grime, one motion with a wet wipe will indicate how dirty that can be. Seeking out interior car cleaning can really spruce up your car and bring back that new car smell! 

Car waxing should not be a DIY job you research how to do on YouTube. With our trained professionals, our car wash can offer exquisite car waxing for an affordable price. For a better idea of everything we offer, visit the rest of our website today! 

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