Our Drive Thru Car Wash Cleans Salty Exteriors

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Our Drive Thru Car Wash Cleans Salty Exteriors

Did you know giving your car a drive through car wash in the winter has many advantages and may extend the lifespan of your exterior?

Matt Feehan, President of American Auto Body in Brooklyn Park says “I believe, the more you can wash the car, the more you can keep some of that salt off, it’s going to benefit it in the long run,” in an interview with CBS Minnesota.

Salt Can Damage your Car

This could mean salty air from the beautiful Atlantic Ocean/Long Island Sound or even Road Salt put on the roads attached to your car exterior. After attaching, it causes a chemical reaction on the metal or iron parts of your car to grow rust because of having humid air, and salt. Over time the frame of your vehicle can be compromised. But don’t worry, it can take years to build up.

If by now you’re motivated to wash the salt away at Fred’s we offer a drive through car wash that is quick, automated, and top-quality. Come visit one of our eight locations across Connecticut for the upkeep of your vehicle(s).

Quality Service at a Great Price

We offer a few different services that are worth looking at on our website. But if you are looking for the quickest and easiest way to clean your car’s exterior, the drive through car wash can take care of the workload.

Relax as the brushes clean your car or in the meantime, join our email club. Once signing up you will receive a free car wash. Our Unlimited Club Members also receive other exclusive offers and discounts when signing up!

Alternatively, you can remain just a guest when you choose a Single wash Starting at just $12

Working its way up in price depending on which services you choose to request.

All the way up to detail, our prices are kept affordable and our service is always the best. Support us in our small businesses’ growth as we expand to new locations.

Long-Standing History

Since 1980, we have been providing exceptional car washing services today that resemble our drive through car wash. Leaving a smile is our goal and we know how good it feels to have a shiny new car after it is professionally cleaned. We always think about the overall benefits of having a clean car and try to put a smile on your face when you peek in your driveway!

Cleaning whatever debris is on your vehicle to extend its life. Preserving the exterior of your car in the best way possible by keeping it cleaned often.

It’s so convenient to stop at any of our locations for a quick drive-through wash. With our plan, you can save money because you can wash it unlimited times.

So it’s convenient, you will save money, and extend the life of your car! For a more comprehensive idea of what we can offer, be sure to visit our website with any questions you have.

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