Hot Wax and Shine

$23 plus tax

Simoniz® Hot Wax & Shine™ is unique application that applies pure carnauba wax to the entire vehicle, creating an eye-popping shine that lasts! With a Simoniz® Hot Wax & Shine™ treatment you will:

Restore your vehicle’s original luster and shine prolong the cleanliness of the exterior of your vehicle guard your vehicle from minor scratches protect your vehicle from the sun’s harmful UV rays, preventing premature paint breakdown and damage What are you waiting for? “Get Waxing!”

What’s Included:

Simoniz® Hot Wax & Shine
Simoniz® Paint Sealant
Simoniz® Foam Polish
Simoniz: Undercarriage Wash with Simoniz DeSalt
High Pressure Wheel Cleaner
Tire Shine
Soft Cloth Wash
Hand Towel Dried
Free Self-serve Vacuum

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