Fred’s Car Detailing Services will get rid of Weird Odors

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Fred’s Car Detailing Services will get rid of Weird Odors

Is there a funky odor lurking in the nooks and crannies of your car that make you squirm every time you get inside?

If there is, then you should take your car to a Fred’s Car Wash location for a car detailing service that is guaranteed to remove those special odors that only those closest to us can leave behind.

Fred’s has three car detailing plans that will condition the upholstery, shampoo and vacuum the carpets, wipe the console, dash, and instrument panel, and clean the windows, while getting rid of the stink and stench that can build up in our vehicles.

After a car detailing at Fred’s, your car will smell great and look great too! Every service includes the basics, but if you want the ultimate in a clean interior, you can upgrade to service that will take your car detailing to the next level.

What are some of the smells that can make getting in your car an unpleasant experience? Well, here are a few, in no particular order:

The horrors of the hockey bag

There are few odors on the planet with the nasal-piercing potency of hockey equipment. Leave a bag of sweaty hockey gear inside your car overnight and be prepared for a one-of-a-kind stench when you start your work day the following morning. Even if you remove a hockey bag, there is likely to be an eyebrow-furrowing odor the next morning. Sweaty gym equipment isn’t a close second, but can be pretty bad, especially if the weather is warm.

A diaper that’s left behind

Our children bring us the ultimate joy, but a dirty diaper that’s mistakenly left in the car is the exception. The smell of day-old urine is one thing; the smell of an hours-old No. 2 is clearly No. 1. The solution: never forget to clear the car of used diapers.

Cigars, cigarettes, and anything else we smoke

In these times, you can instantly tell when you enter a car where cigarettes or cigars have been used. If you or a family member smokes, keeping the ashtray clean is the best way to reduce the smell. However, ash and smoke will eventually work its way into the carpet and upholstery, and in some cases, even a deep, thorough cleaning may not be enough to eliminate the odor. Best case scenario, smoke as little as possible inside your vehicle.

Pleasing our pampered pets

Many dogs love to travel. A trip to the market, a quick fill-up at the corner gas station, or accompanying the kids on the ride to school. Each time our pets get inside the car, though, they leave behind oils that keep their coats shiny and clean. Over time, the oils build up on the upholstery and can begin to smell. If not cleaned regularly, the odors can become bad and require specialized treatments to remove.

If your car is carrying around any of these odors, any of the three car detailing services at Fred’s Car Wash can make a big difference. Fred’s has four locations (two in Norwalk, and one each in Southport and Watertown) to help customers who need a serious interior car cleaning. Pull in and ask about our car detailing, or visit for more details.

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