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Let me guess – your car needs to be washed, but you don’t have the time or energy to do it yourself and you don’t want to break the bank.  Luckily for you, you don’t have to take that time to do it yourself!  Fred’s offers a great cheap car wash with some of the best qualities!  If you don’t have a Fred’s near you, you can still take notes on these easy finds when considering where to go for a cheap car wash.

Firstly, make sure the Car Wash lets you know exactly what is being done to your car.

At Fred’s Car Wash, the cheapest option is the Express option, listed at $11.  Here on the website, the features of the car wash are listed on the side, with check marks to represent the features that are included in the wash.  Fred’s Express option includes a soft cloth wash, hand towel dried, and free self-serve vacuum.  Keep in mind, these features won’t necessarily include special car detailing or hand wax because of the cheaper price.  

This option is also available at a monthly rate of $19.99 plus tax, allowing for your car to be washed unlimited times within the month.

Secondly, look for a Car Wash that is well maintained.

Sometimes, getting a cheap car wash might entail a “lesser quality” service.  Gauge how well the Car Wash is maintained in order to get a feel for what kind of service you will get.  Notice how organized their building is, how clean their towels are, and how welcomed you feel upon entrance.  These are a couple key attributes to a well maintained car wash to look for. 

As pictured below, you can see that Fred’s Car Wash is well organized, with each of the products nicely lined up, as well as the use of clean towels to wash the car.

Lastly, look at the cars that leave the wash.

By looking at the cars who just had their car cleaned will help you know what to expect as a finished product.  Obviously, if these cars still have a ton of dirt on them or have a lot of unnecessary streak marks from towels, you will not want to pay for their services.  But if you see a car that looks like it’s brand new, after going through their cheapest option, this is definitely someone’s service you want to consider.

At Fred’s you can always expect top quality service, even at lower prices.  We want to ensure your car’s cleanliness, at affordable prices!

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