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The autumn season is approaching, and for most of the country, this means a kaleidoscope of changing tree colors and weather patterns; for everyone, it means some necessary fall car care.

  • Clear off any debris. Fall can be tough driving weather. It gets cold and dark early, and storms roll through often. Your customers need perfect visibility for these conditions, so advise them to brush off any leaves, mud, dirt, etc., when present.
  • Check the wipers. Make sure they can wipe water and grime away quickly and efficiently.
  • Have some cloths and anti-freeze solution nearby. The harsh weather of early winter can take a toll on customers’ cars faster than you can say “Jack Frost.” Customers should purchase — maybe from your carwash’s multi-profit centers — these materials in their cars to combat the weather.
  • Vacuum interior areas. The cold seasons can wreak havoc on car interior areas. Leaves and mud can litter your customers’ floor mats, and fingerprints can pile up on the dash. Customers should do themselves a favor and vacuum and wipe down the interior whenever possible.
  • Keep tabs on the important stuff. Brake pads, tires, the engine and other vital components of the car should be maintained regularly to keep the vehicle operating at optimal performance levels. Customers will need good brakes for slippery fall and winter roads and good tires to grip the road.

Fred’s also recommends checking your headlights. If they are cloudy you should definitely get them fixed. Fred’s has the perfect solution: our

Headlight Restoration Service. For only $59.99, it includes an interior and exterior cleaning restores your headlights and it is guaranteed for a year.

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